Academic Transcript Requests

The Milltown Institute requires a written request in order to produce and release a copy of your academic transcript.


The MI Transcript Co-Ordinator is not in a position to issue letters of recommendation or character references to any Alumnus/a of the Milltown Institute.


Transcript requests may be made by completing an Academic Request Form [Click to download the form]

A separate Transcript Request Form must be complete for each programme.

There is a fee of €40.00 for researching and processing a transcript, which includes postage. A second Transcript request submitted at the same time will be charged at €20.00.

Additional charges apply for registered postage or courier request.

CONFIRMATION OF RESULTS (without full Transcript)

Any form of Letter or Document confirming attendance at the Milltown Institute, or confirming a Grade or overall mark, or such that involves research of the Student Records incurs a covering cost of €20.00.

All details necessary must be supplied at the time of making the request (i.e., Full Name when you registered as a student; address used when you were a student; title of award (Certificate/Diploma/BA/STL/MA/PhD, etc. with name of degree); starting and ending dates of course at the Institute, date of award; current address to which documentation should be sent).

Additional charges apply for registered postage or courier request.

Preferred payment is via cheque or postal order made payable to the Jesuit Provincial Treasurer. We do not accept credit cards or provide on-line facilities.

As soon as we have confirmation that you have paid the requested amount, your Transcript (or Letter, or other Document) will be processed and posted out to you to the address provided on your request form.

Please be advised that transcripts take a minimum of four to six weeks to process. Unfortunately, transcripts cannot be produced on demand.
You will need to allow extra time for the posting of transcripts, especially to overseas destinations.

Transcripts are never issued electronically. Due to Data Protection legislation, Transcripts and related documentation are only issued to a third party if requested in writing by the person named on the Transcript.

Completed Transcript Request forms should be emailed to:

[email protected]

or posted to:
MI Transcript Co-ordinator
Jesuit Provincialate
Milltown Park
Sandford Road
Dublin 06 V9K7