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The Institute has served the academic discussion and study of theology (through its various branches of scripture, systematic, moral, canon law, pastoral theology, and spirituality) and philosophy for just under 50 years.

While being strongly informed by the Catholic tradition, the people who have studied here have come from all continents, represented all age groups, Christian denominations, as well as diverse faith traditions. Some came to seek and search, some more to deepen an already lively faith commitment, while others sought to pursue Christian learning and theological reflection in an academic mode from certificate through to doctorate levels with accreditation from either civil or Ecclesiastical Faculties.

The many thousands of alumnae/i who have studied at the Institute have contributed in many ways to faith and church development as well as to civil and community change at local, national and at international levels.

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If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate, masters or doctorate degree in theology, please enquire at the Loyola Institute for Catholic Theology at Trinity College Dublin.